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Thank you Fiverr, for changing my life


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Just wanted to write a quick note to the Fiverr community. To all the Fiverr employees, including customer support and forum members/mods, thank you. The marketplace you’ve created has truly changed my life.

In October of 2019, I decided to give freelancing a try. I had zero expectations, and thought it would just be a fun way to make a little bit of extra cash to spend on audio gear for fun. I never dreamed that it would be much more than that.

Fast forward to today, this is my first day as a FULL TIME freelancer on the Fiverr platform. Working on this platform allowed me to escape a career that I didn’t like, and gives me the flexibility to work from home, set my own hours, and earn MORE than I was making at my day job. All I can say is… wow. Thank you so much, Fiverr. In just over a year, the whole trajectory of my life has changed. I’m eternally grateful.

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Fiverr are often an honest platform for our sellers with the proper buyers. In my experience (I’m an illustrator) I created many positive commissions and that I still work with old customers. there is a lot of competition but I never hand it over. I still send proposals to seek out new buyers and more and more commissions. it isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible

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