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How to increase Earning


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Hello, Dear fiverr community. I am really proud to be joined in this amazing platform. I published my gig one week ago. I didn`t find any order. I rarely see buyer request in my account. What necessary steps can be taken to increase my earning?
My first Gig link

favicon-32x32.png.4084622ed4dbb8e741e0830c3bed440d.png Fiverr.com

kausarhossein : I will do gis analysis, mapping, land cover and spatial...

For only $5, kausarhossein will do gis analysis, mapping, land cover and spatial analysis. | Greetings!Are you looking for Remote Sensing and GIS analyst? This gig is for you. I am a GIS and Graphic Designer. I will provide GIS | On Fiverr

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Also, buyers request appear at certain time depending on your time zone. Make research on when the request appears and work towards it every day. Develop your communication skills and learn more about your niche daily. I do this too.

Okay thank you so much. But i get very few buyer requests. Sometimes it is not similar to my skill as well

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