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I am a new seller at fiverr please stay with me


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@ratna408 we are always with you.

Yes, you can improve your gigs.
Main Things are Description, Images, Buyer reviews

Write your description correctly and clearly. Every Buyer before knocking or ordering you they will read your description deeply.

A clear image is a great thing. If you will create an eye-catching gig image, it will attract customers.

Good service means a good review. If you have good reviews, you will get more orders

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  • You must be online 24 hours a day,

  • Share your GIG on social media.

  • Walk in the Fiber Forum

  • Keep an eye on buyer requests

@aminurshawon Why you giving wrong suggestions??

  1. No one can stay 24 hours online. If you game with the system and stay 24 hours , buyers send you message and you can not reply in time; it will increase your average response time.
  2. Social media marketing does not bring you a single job. because they are not your actual clients. Besides you can’t get the idea how many actual buyer click on your gig for social media marketing.
  3. Fiverr forum give you tips, does not give you any job
  4. This might be helpful to get a job
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