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I am not getting order and my gig is not in rank


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At every year-end, we are facing this problem. One reason is People do not start a new business or an event at the year-end. So Please don’t worry if the order receiving got reduced. And another reason might be the Corona Pandemic. We all know, this is a difficult time for businessmen and also for us. We are lucky to be freelancers as we do our jobs at our homes.

Wish you all the best in your future career on Fiverr.

Best Regard.


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In order to rank your gig, you first need to optimize your SEO. You have to enter the keyword in the title, in the image, in the URL, in the middle of the description, and at the end. Must be used in tags. I’m telling you in a more special way, use the keyword five times in your

1== main keyword 5 time in description.
2== four times second keyword
3== and other keywords three times.

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Guest honeybee1979

For getting Order there are several thing and also for ranking

  1. Best title selection
  2. Upgrading seo
  3. Managing your keywords
  4. Choosing best tags

    (remember less competition keyword more crowd)

  5. Good Pricing

    6.SEO friendly Description

  6. Major Thing GIG image. (Eye cachy Image)


How do we come to know where our gig is ranked?

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Hi ,
If you want to ranked your gig in first page you have to do hard work and create attractive and professional gigs .you can to try this following task:
1.Make Seo friendly title .
2.Research about keyword and take best keywords for your gigs.
3.Make professional and attractive gig images and make this image Seo friendly.
4.Make Attractive description .
5.Do social marketing properly in various social media.
6.Active in fiverr is very important.


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