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How to manage Clients


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  • Providing quality services.
  • Dedication to clients’ satisfaction.
  • Giving priority to the client’s requirements.
  • Keep the clients always updated about the project.
  • Be patient.
  • Build your skill to a higher level before creating your gig.
  • Always be nice to the client even he/she requesting a refund.

These are a few of my experiences to get a better rating on Fiverr. I’ll create a new Topic again about my experiences. I hope these tips would be a great help to your future on Fiverr. Thanks

Best Regard.

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thank you so much… 😍

give more tips to us…

Hi, Most sellers struggling to get their first order. You should put some effort to get a new order. I’ll show a few simple ways to receive an order. One effective method is social media. But bear in your mind, the most important thing is your skill. You should have improved skill. Otherwise, you will end up with negative feedbacks or order cancelation. So after creating a professional gig, share the gig in Facebook groups, This might give you some traffic to your gig and start the gig with re…
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