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Getting a first gig as a programmer


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i have little knowledge in programming. My background is, i done by self learning a hard intro to CS in c/c++ while highscool. Afterwards, i took an internship, for no pay at all, and it was insanly hard. the internship was in high-level programming language. few years later, recently, i enrolled to university. I took the intro to CS in Python, and it was hard for everyone except for me. Apparanyly, i have some skills, and a programmer mind. I was even helping studnets and started to show leadership abillities.
I want to work on fiverr, preferably as a programmer. I’m very interested in networks, and security. Web is less of an interest. I want to be a hacker, but penetration testing is less of a thing on fiverr as far as i can see.
What should i do in order to get my first gig? or getting gigs in general. considerating what i said by far

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