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No buyers after roughly a week, is this normal?


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I would like to know how long it took you to get your first sale, and what the initial momentum for sales is like.

And is it necessary to do lots of promo work to be successful here on Fiverr? I am a writer if that makes any difference. I also have divination gigs, but don’t well with that volume wise. I have only had one buy on each gig over a span of months. No repeats despite good feedback.

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Hey Jude!

The first thing I noticed is that your gigs are very detailed in the description, however they only have one picture for display on each. From previous experience, I know fiverr really favored gigs with video and more content. I would first recommend you make a video for your gigs to help out. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a video of you sitting there explaining what you do, but even a collage of pictures and displays compiled into a video format. This will get you into more searches as a gig with video and therefore more exposure.

Think of yourself as a buyer clicking on your page. What is the initial impression? Many buyers online look for the instant gratification and ease of use. In this case, unfortunately, many people see reading as time consuming and will gravitate more towards gigs that offer an audio explanation and more engaging visual content than reading through a description.

If an looking for a particular service and have multiple options, in some cases hundreds or thousands of options, I want to see as many as I can before making my decision. I won’t buy the first one I click on unless it blows my mind and is exactly what I am looking for. Even then I will still check out a few more to see if they are up to par before I make a purchase.

If I were looking for your services, I would be checking out others before and after seeing yours and make my purchase decision on which ones stood out the most.

I also see some of your newer gigs are in the writing category, which may prove to be more lucrative than some of your previous gigs, simply based on demand.

As far as promotion, it certainly can’t hurt! Try advertising on twitter or facebook and the other social media sites. Engage your fellow sellers in the forums and see if you can get some links on their blogs or maybe even an interview about your services.

I personally have been on fiverr for a year now and have done little promotion. A few posts here and there and have had reasonable success as part time gig with about 400 orders over the last 12 months. I won’t be quitting my full time job anytime soon, but it keeps me busy and a few extra bucks to pay the bills!

Sorry for writing a book here, but I enjoy giving my thoughts, so if you have anything I can help with just let me know!

Good luck!

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Hey there jive-a five!

Thanks so much for taking the time to offer me a detailed explanation. I am surprised that there are those who think that way, because as I as a rule don’t watch videos unless force of circumstance dictates me to… lol. But nothing really should surprise me, the world keeps on changing after all.

I will keep your advice in mind, and feel better equipped now to move forth to success here on Fiverr.

Blessings, and you just may hear from me again… lol.

Thanks sincerely though.

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