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The importance of being humble: synergy


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I want just to point the attention to the synergy that you must create with your customer, from the beginning of the order till the end (the final delivery), for a successful experience. Which means giving your customer exactly the quality and the kind of product he/she expects (or even better).

It’s a step by step creation, where the customer feedbacks and your ideas form together the creativity process.

While it’s obvious that we, as sellers, are the experts, and we know exactly what the customers need and the technical procedures to achieve it, often we need the customer feedbacks for fine tuning our product, to please the customers and obtain the perfect result, I mean perfect for their project.

About perfection, this is a complex issue, at least in music, since it’s a very subjective matter, but if you obtain the perfection FOR the customer project, then you’ve made a great work.

Going back to “being humble”, it’s indubitable that we must be humble and expert at the same time. We have know how, experience and creativity that the buyer lacks, but humbly we must understand our customer requests and create a synergy.

Your ideas? How do you create synergy with the customer?

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I do music gigs, so my answer is to ask the customer for samples of the style they want, and get in every detail until I know exactly what to do. Only then do I start on the project.

I do something similar. I think that synergy means to understand anything about the customer requests and let him/her contribute to your creative process so it becomes a more important product.

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