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If you have been going through ups and downs with Fiverr, I have news for you!


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(Make sure to read all the way through). 😃 Why am I making this post? If you are someone who has been consistently looking for answers on the Fiverr forum (or Google) in terms of being demoted on Fiverr, stuck stats, scammed, abused, warned, page glitches, entire gig deleted and best of all - lost rank and went from the first pages to the last page in less than 24 hours? Then guess what? You are in the right place! Hello all, I am a Fiverr seller (and sometimes buyer), and I just want to welcome you to my post. There are so many things that I have been through on this site, and I have conquered all. Now, my goal is to help you all beat all of these issues as well. I feel like I am one of the perfect people for this job, and no one else is here to do it the way I can. I also feel it’s time to share and help for real. This post was made to ease frustrations and come to serious solutions. This is not some template post; it is not just some workaround like Fiverr support, not template answers or forum stuff ‘that you already know.’ These are real raw answers from me from what has worked. I dedicate this to those who want to stop the agony and for those who saw a similar solution for them on the forum (and even no reply), and it still wasn’t the exact problem or resolved. Therefore, every single response I make on this post is unique and directed towards you; and I will reference if it has been answered in my post already.

I am a really helpful and honest person, and I genuinely know what works. I wanted to share this with you all because I have consistently solved all of these things and have not shared my glory. I feel bad because I know the answers. And a lot of you struggle and can’t find the right answer. 😇

This makes sense if you don’t know where to look and if you are a new seller (or just never had this sort of thing happen to you before). And don’t have the experience to figure it out and to work with Fiverr. So, I just wanted to help you with your Fiverr experience and make it glide along much smoother.

Some Rules:

  1. Since this is my post, I have every right to be to shut down injustice. This means, if I say that’s not how it works, then, ‘that’s not how it works’ and I will slam the truth down your throat for all to see. This goes out to forum posters who tell me that these are horrible solutions. GO AWAY and stay away. This post is not for you. If I say ‘DOT’ as a reply to you, it means you are no longer welcome here, and it is for all to see. This DOT indicates that you did not support or help anyone at all, and possibly made their problems worse. And to not listen to you. 👎

  2. This post is about immediate problems that need to be solved. Maybe, one day I will make a post on Fiverr seller tips. Yet, this is more for people who are stuck and out of commission. Not for those who have not made any form of commission before. However, if you do ask, I might answer, and pms work too. 👍

  3. Be kind on my post. Some of the people on this forum tend to shut things down and put them in this limited box. Please, don’t do that to these people. Be very helpful and open minded. Do not try to shut down everything they say - listen to them and understand their problem if you really want to help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  4. For posters, do not ask questions if you already know the solution. Do not ask the same question repeatedly. You guys can also get a ‘DOT,’ as people will know not to help you. 😡

  5. I will edit the rules as this post grows, in case things get out of control. Until then, FOCUS ON HELPING THE PEOPLE OF FIVERR and having good inquiries! Nothing else, focus on helping them if you know (in your heart) the real solutions. :alien:😇 👍 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

P.s This is a seller and buyer friendly post. Go ahead and post away!

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