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The client don't wanna accept the delivery


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I’m facing a headache issue here.
The buyer wants to cancel the order after I have completed the requirements. I have spent time and effort to finish his requirements. And after I have delivered the task the buyer asked for more work for FREE!!
I told him, If you need extra work this will be a new purchase with a new cost. He asked me “if I am a Muslim”. What does being a Muslim have to do with our job?!
Also, The buyer cannot write 2 English correct words. I can’t understand him!
He sent me 3 videos of the 2 bugs. And I have fixed the 2 bugs. Now what?!

I feel like I’m being used. And he kept saying “please these are for my clients”. He is using me and I’m afraid to be affected by negative reviews. I don’t know what to do.

He made a request to cancel the order. But I declined because I’ve already finished his requirements !!

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Yes, continue to decline. Customer Support will tell you that they can’t force a buyer to accept the order, but they also won’t force you to cancel (without compensation) either. The one time I was forced by CS to cancel, they gave me and my buyer the funds back.

Not sure if asking one’s religion is against ToS, but it’s definitely not cool and irrelevant.

If the buyer is threatening a negative review, you can report him for that.

Make sure you stay calm, polite, and professional in your communication with the buyer, as that will also help your case.

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