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Gig vanished from search results


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I have a fairly popular gig that shows up in the first 6 results usually. I noticed this a week a go but my gig will vanish completely for a few hours or even an entire day. I typically get 3-4 orders a day but after this bug I get 0! Anyone else experience this?? Some other proof is that ill average 600+ impressions a day but when this bug happens I barely get 200.

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Hey, hope you are doing well. Are you sure you’ve checked all pages of all related keywords? Gig might have dropped to the middle or last pages of the search.

However Fiverr introduced one system to check overall status , Is your gig available in market it will show you ACTIVE or if there is something wrong then it show PENDING ,This is good step by fiverr as we do not need to wait for CS to reply.
Here is link
After clicking fellow these Steps

Step 1: What can we help you with?
Ans : Choose Gig

Step 2: What is the issue with your gig?
Ans: Choose My Gig doesn’t appear in Search
After that choose your gig which you think is not available in Results after writing your Complete title in search
If there is any problem in your gig it will Show you Pending status then you can contact to CS for further

I hope this helps you as it’s the best way to check status of gig.

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