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I am having issues with a seller and his delivery


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I am a seller in fiver. But yesterday, for the first time I bought a service.
When I have the role of seller I always try to do not only my maximum, but to exceed it by offering maximum service. And if the byer is dissatisfied with my service, I cancel my service with understanding
But the seller in question, did not do so.
I contacted him after reading his gig description. I asked him about a few things about the product he offers. He promised me quality. Something like this, which was not found in the files sent by the seller.
I re-contacted him highlighting the problems. Although a little rude he brought me some other substitute “products”.
the problem is that none of his leads (the service I paid for) are valid. Not only do they have no quality, but they have no validity at all.
The seller refuses to cancel the order.
I contacted the fiverr support.
From your experience, how long does it take to get a response from support?
Cause I have only 2 days left before the order get automatically approved.

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