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Warning for sharing email


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On 8/28/2021 at 10:20 PM, rickjessup said:

I am someone who has just started considering hiring on Fiverr for my accounting practice. I can assure you with all the scams out there just ripe in this environment I would not be comfortable hiring someone with out making sure they are a reputable person. I am a new buyer on Fiverrr, and to trust someone with client sensitive data that you have never met and or seen, to see if they are who they say they are, is not reassuring to someone hiring. In my opinion he did nothing wrong as a buyer who is about to potentially spend thousands on this platform, who knows who any of you are. And a picture or video is worth a thousands words. So i would advise fiverr to make it happen. In this technology based world, a zoom call is to much to ask for to interview someone, as opposed to releasing sensitive client data to a complete stranger half way around the world. From a buyers perspective i would have a problem doing that. So it is our money we are spending. If it is not safe then we have lots of other options to spend on.


Fiverr allows business clients to interact through zoom and it is provided with in fiverr. I never had to use it till date though. Fiverr messaging itself is good enough. But in one of my projects the client was not getting the pdf file through fiverr delivery and I asked for fiverr customer support's help in getting the file delivered to the client. There are solutions to everything if we are willing to use them while following the terms of service. 

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Not “punished”….just the consequence of an action that is against policy. 
There was a breach of policy that lead to the consequence of such action. 
There are consequences to giving personal information. 
Buyers know just as well as sellers that working off the app is a breach of policy. 
Probably a scam anyways. 


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I get asked all the time for custom samples of my voice. I always explain that this platform is not an audition platform but rather an “order”platform. The prices are already reduced so buyers need to feel comfortable using this platform to simply order based on reviews, descriptions etc. A buyer can always order a small project to consider the person’s professionalism and work quality. From there decide your next move as a buyer. 

An interview style is not always the best way to find help because people can also be very good in person but not have the follow through you need.

I was just asked if I would complete a background check because the client had sensitive material. Sounds reasonable right? ACTUALLY NO. Background checks need personal information so you would be going against the Terms of Service. NDA’s are ok but I would still run it by customer service. 

It’s like asking a Vegan Restaraunt to supply steak! This is just not the platform for sharing personal data. 

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