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There is no way to get orders easily


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Title says it all.

You can get orders yes, buy there is NO EASY WAY.

I’ll say it again, there is NO EASY WAY to get orders. There’s only the good-old
fashion way of hard work.
Some people might also ask “How can I get orders quickly?”

IF you are very skilled and also lucky you might get your first order within days.
Most people took several weeks, even months.

If you read this far and thought “I don’t want to wait that long,” Fiverr is not for you.

Also there ARE NO TRICKS to get orders.
There are tips though, and you can find plenty of them here at the forum.

I repeat:

There is NO easy.
There is NO way to get orders quickly,
and there are NO TRICKS.

Happy gigging y’all.

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But what about staying awake for 24 hours so I can send 10 BR?
Surely that will make everything happen instantly because someone said it and it proves how dedicated I am to staying online 24/7 and sending nonsense to everyone who puts up a buyer request.
This must prove that I deserve lots of orders instantly!!!
(even if I am too tired to do them seeing I have been awake for 3 weeks and even if I wasn’t, couldn’t do seeing my day is spent in sending random BRs).

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