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Improving Buyer Request feature

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It is really strange that there is no policy guideline for posting the request to receive offers .It is frustrating to find several or multiple buyer requests for the same buyer and project .It consumes your 10 offer per day limit .Furthermore , there should be Fixed and hourly jobs category in job posting like other marketplaces have in traditional freelance job postings. There should also be minimum payment slab i.e as per whole or entire budget of projects so that fair pay requirements may be fulfilled . There is also need to follow language standards as most of jobs are posted in regional or foreign languages other than English making it difficult for the sellers to respond for such requests.There should be auto translation so that the content may be available in the language of person who is buying or selling the services .It will boost sales and Fiverr profits at the same time .

Buyer requests should be placed in visible tab in main navigation as it is very difficult for new sellers to submit offers for the request as they don’t know the location of such tab . Honestly speaking even I being experienced freelancer found that tab after a year through some shared link in blog that landed me on the feature. Payments system should be improved to ensure in 7 days rather than half monthly i.e 14 days .

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