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Client Claims he paid but I didn't receive the order


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The client demands he paid me in 2 orders $30 & $15 respectively in different orders but I receive only 1 order for $30. The client showing he paid for another order of $15 Order #F07F3E868B81 which I didn’t receive. Can you please let me know where the order is gone and what will I do now?

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Check your email, you must have a received a notification of the same. If you haven’t received a notification via email of the order placed then you need to ask your buyer to contact the support.

And check if this link exists at your end?

favicon-32x32.png.38bb6f553b031b89c321b204ab9383fb.png Fiverr.com

Login to Fiverr

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If not, inform your buyer to open a support ticket for the same.

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Guest jonayett

That’s good, no worries about that. You can do 2 things.
!* first one is: check your mail &
!* second is: logout from fiverr and again login then check the notification.
★ Finally, if you’ve still now issue: please contact with support, they will help you & they’re very supportive 🙃

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