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Buyer Request issue thats i faced


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Every day i send 10 buyer request but no buyer response. This is my massage “Hi, Hope you are well in this critical time. I currently see your photo. It’s a very simple work. I want to work with you as team. I am expert freelancer. I can do this job for 20$ in 1 days. I worked such like project before. I hope you are work with me, I am waiting for your remarks. N.B. I am so much expert in this field. Thank you. Mamun.” that i send buyer. Anybody tell me my mistake.
Thank you.

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There is just one sentence that could work in your response to Buyer request.

It’s “Thank you. Mamun”.

All the rest is simply wrong and likely reason why none comes back to you.

You may want to search forum topics for hints how to write response to BR. There are a few good ones.

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I agree, everything is so really very wrong there. I would reply out of honor (seeing I never ghost anyone) but with that presentation I would not hire you.

Sorry but grammar is terrible, begging and bluster is terrible, proof is terrible - Portfolio link?, attempt to seem ingratiating is terrible…

As examples (not adverts or endorsements):
I might buy from this: https://www.fiverr.com/share/B87BWW
I would would probably buy from this: https://www.fiverr.com/share/NWxBkN

Note how engaging the second seller is. Work is shown. Character of the seller is established and is not unsure if she is a person or a team of people 😉 Offers are clear. Passion for her craft is evident. Confidence is high.

Now also understand that even with the most bestest presentation eva, that most BR are unwinnable - or should not be won for the vague Brief and terrible Budget. So don’t put many of your eggs in that basket at all.


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