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I made a video for FIVERR PRO. But I'm not sure if the video is correct


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I made a video for FIVERR PRO. But I’m not sure if the video is correct. I inserted a lot of different stages of working on illustrations in the video (only one set is included in the attachment) and added a text where I talk about myself and my views on creativity and illustration. Is this video suitable or not? Or be sure to sit in front of the camera and say something into it. I don’t really like talking on camera.

hardschool031600×1058 241 KB
hardschool041600×1058 246 KB
hardschool051600×1058 244 KB
hardschool061600×1058 230 KB
hardschool071600×1058 234 KB
hardschool081800×1190 296 KB
hardschool091800×1190 325 KB
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