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Looking back at the Mayan Calendar and laughing! Happy New Year 2013!


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Ok, so the world did not end on Friday. As some of you know, I have a few CDs and I wrote a song about the end of the world called “We’re All In This Together” which is about the Mayan calendar. I sold a lot on Itunes. You can look up Bruce Chamoff on Itunes.

If anyone wants a copy of 5 songs from my latest album featuring We’re All In This Together, you can order my tip gig.

Merry Christmas!


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The calendar suggested the end of an 'age’

This is likely a celestial/astrological reference.

Much like the “Age of Aquarius”, “Age of Pisces” etc.

It suggests a “shift” of “consciousness” and would actually have no impact at all on how you measure time… And certainly wouldn’t have a ‘translation’ into the Gregorian calendaric references.

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