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My gig does not appear in the search box


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Hi, I have a problem and maybe someone can help me.
I had a successful gig in the field of H.R. That was until 2 weeks ago when suddenly the orders disappeared. The gig appears active, if someone tries to look for me by name, they find me (that’s the only way I receive orders, from people I’ve worked with or recommendations from them) the main problem is that I no longer appear in the search box.
If someone is looking for a resume / CV on fiverr, there are 22 pages with 48 people each (from page 5-6 there are people who do not have reviews I have 160), until 2 weeks ago I was on the first page, now I don’t appear at all. Virtually no one can find me if they don’t look for my name. Also, even tough I promote my gig with 90 C / click (for my section it is recommended by 65 / click) I have in the last 2 weeks IMPRESSIONS 0, CLICKS 0, ORDERS 0, SPENT 0, REVENUE 0 I would understand not to have orders, but to have 0 impressions is practically impossible and from my point of view there is obviously an error somewhere.

I practically became completely invisible to everyone except those who are looking for me exactly by name.
I must mention that I have a rating of 5 stars, Response Rate 100% Delivered on Time 100% and Response Time 1 Hour.

It would be very helpful if someone went through this or has knowledge in this regard.

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