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So sellers have no protection against frauds?


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So I had a gig that boomed very rapidly, after some time I had a returning costumer, and in the third offer he did a chargeback, which basically meant that I lost 60$, even though the offers had positive reviews, and the period of 14 days has passed, so to sum it up, everything that I worked for was lost.

I then contacted fiverr support, even though the responses were slow it was progressing pretty good, after two weeks, I recovered the least valued of the offers (15$), I only needed to provide proof that it was delivered and all good, so I asked about the same thing for the 43$ offer, which was a similar service, I sent the proofs, and…fiverr didn’t consider it eligible for unknown reasons, and made it clear that they’re not responsible for any lost funds.

"Hi there,

Upon further review of your account, we are not going to be able to compensate you for the order that was canceled

We apologize for that and we are sorry this happened to you but per por Terms of Service once a chargeback is done we are not obliged to pay a seller for the services that were delivered.

Thanks for understanding.

Have a nice day.

What the hell?
There’s no way that this is even true, so sellers can literally go screw themselves when they lose funds because of frauds, this can’t be true, if fiverr is truly not responsible, why can’t I ask directly paypal?

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