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Is always staying online really necessary to get buyers?


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No, it is not necessary. It is unhealthy and impossible. In fact, I get most of my orders when I am not online, so you should stay offline 24/7 instead. 🙃
Go read a book on marketing instead of waiting in front of the screen! That will be a much better use of your time (that goes for 99% of new Fiverr sellers).

Most of the forum users recommending that you stay online 24/7 have never made a single sale themselves. Do you really want to listen to them? Please check the credentials of the people giving you advice before you follow them.

Read these threads:

People keep repeating the same wrong advice - and newbies are deceived by it. Here’s my take on it - share if you feel so inclined:

I keep seeing the same advice… ‘post on social media, stay online 24/7, send 10 buyer requests, offer unlimited revisions. etc etc…’ I do not believe this is good advice. But I have a question for those following it - do you check the credentials of the person giving advice? Do you look at their fiver profile? I’ve seen plenty of sellers with 0 sales, or some with average ratings, giving lots of advice and tips here. If they knew what they were doing maybe their sales or ratings would be highe…
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I’ve tried it for two weeks by leaving the Fiverr app open and online on my phone even when I am sleeping. Didn’t notice any increase in messages or orders.

My guess is people say that because you can filter the sellers by showing only those who are online, but it doesn’t look like the buyers are using that option very much, except maybe those who are in a hurry. But since I don’t offer 24h delivery, those buyers probably won’t chose my gigs anyway.

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