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Welcome me on Fiverr Forum


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Hi. My name is Tom and I’m the spokesperson for the community forum welcoming committee.

Formerly, I was the spokes”man” but we felt that this sort of language was exclusionary to non spoke containing spheres.

Here at the community, we offer the best in:

  1. Marketing threads masked as introductions.

  2. Help posts for those who don’t search the help posts.

  3. Passive, but weirdly skittish, retorts.

  4. There’s a secret “recipes” section but it requires two badges and a video of you doing the hokey pokey. Please provide that video in this thread, as I have alerted the council to congregate.

As a good head start, we’ve shipped you a congratulatory care package. It includes:

A John Tesh album
Adult sweatpants (with holes already in them!)
And one copy of the Fiverr Forum best seller,
“Flirp You: The art of non-bad language.”

We appreciate your arrival (though to be fair, most of our forum psychics totally spoiled it for us) and we look forward to your amazing journey.

I’ll leave you with our customary closing remarks. Please make sure to use this phrase to close all forum sentiments -

Big high Fiverr to you Louie.

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