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Hi, i am a new seller,Please help me to get my first order<3


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Hi guys im new on Fiverr and i want to ask you for help…I made something that i think i will help to a lot of people. I dont know how can i promote my page. If you want please just check my page to see what im talking about. Thank you <3

favicon-32x32.png.13e6da3e309bbfe9addca1ac809283fc.png Fiverr.com c74bedfa-7784-4b08-b2e4-4d592e412c4f.jpg.cd3c7a51c67046850fe3459cc00feac6.jpg

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Before 3 years i was 90kg and my health was in bad condition so i decided to change that once and FOREVER! 1 year hard work,self discipline and lot of motivation to reach my goal.2 years of experience as active fitness trainer.3 years of experience...

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