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Hello, i'm new member of fiverr. I'm freelancer

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Good afternoon, I want to make money on fiverr. How can you make your gig popular and in demand?


How can you make your gig popular and in demand?

Take look at the gigs in your category and see what other sellers are doing that make their gigs stand out.

And read this post:

I keep seeing the same advice… ‘post on social media, stay online 24/7, send 10 buyer requests, offer unlimited revisions. etc etc…’ I do not believe this is good advice. But I have a question for those following it - do you check the credentials of the person giving advice? Do you look at their fiver profile? I’ve seen plenty of sellers with 0 sales, or some with average ratings, giving lots of advice and tips here. If they knew what they were doing maybe their sales or ratings would be highe…

And this one too!

Making money on Fiverr is becoming more difficult these days, with so many new people joining up hoping to earn money on Fiverr quickly. Here are my thoughts on this - and, yes, it involves some work and thought before publishing a gig!
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