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No orders for 2 months from new buyers.

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social_expro : I will create killer facebook ads campaign must convert sales...

For only $5, social_expro will create killer facebook ads campaign must convert sales. | Welcome to"KILLER FACEBOOK ADS CMPAIGN GIG".Hello, I am Liton,a social media ads specialist.?I love to get sales from my ads.?If your business is startup and |...

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Guest humanissocial

You can’t promise your ads must convert the ad to sales. You don’t know that and it’s relative to many factors out of your control, plus what do you do if they don’t? Cancel the order? That’s not how Fiverr works and you shouldn’t do that to yourself.

When you say things like this people will think you’re a scam and not buy it. It’s simply not credible and when you undervalue yourself, the only people you attract are those who undervalue you.

Also most ads are just part of a funnel. Their purpose isn’t a direct conversion, but to put people into a funnel so measuring the success of an ad isn’t that simple. You should already know this if you sell ads.

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