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First Time... in years!


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I’ve never - since I’ve gotten going on Fiverr - seen my queue empty. I’ve always had something ordered for me to do. But, for the first time in the three years I’ve been here, my queue is empty. I’m fairly certain it’s because I’m going to enjoy Spring Break and go on vaca… something I desperately need to keep my wits about me. I let my repeat clients know that my rewriting gig was up and open for them to order but no orders would be done while on vacation. I even posted the note in my gig so new clients would understand too…

I’ll be honest - it seems so weird to see nothing in my TO DO box. I’ve always had 10 or more orders nipping in that area. Now, will I wake up in the morning and see an order waiting for me… alas, only time will tell.

Much relief that I got the articles I needed done before Spring Break is being felt at this moment… I love writing but even I need a break from time to time. Bring on the Spring Break…

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Haha. I know exactly how you feel!

I usually have several gigs in queue, but several months ago there was a whole week where

I had no gigs at all. I wasn’t worried or anything, but it self so strange. I didn’t realize that Fiverr was a pretty big part of my daily life till then.

So what I did was do normal stuff, watch funny online clips, watch movies, hang out with my

friends, etc. A week later I started getting orders again and things were back to the usual.

Having a break every now and then is good, enjoy it while you can! 😃

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