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Resumed Fiverr after 7 Months, Re-activated Gigs cannot Enable Extras


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I quit Fiverr due to my Secondary Education 7 months ago. At that point, I suspended all my gigs and I was a Level 2 seller.

Yesterday, I saw that I was no longer Level 2, hell, not even Level 1 which is understandable. As soon as I reactivated all gigs, I got Level 1 back. But when I check Extras on my gigs and Save it, no changes reflect. Its been a whole day and I’ve tried multiple times. Some show extras while not all and some aren’t showing even one.

I loved Fiverr but this re-entry is proving to be more painful than I imagined.

Any recommended solution? Has this happened or is happening to anyone else?

P.S. - Already made a ticket at support, no reply yet.

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