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4 TIPS for Buyers if you're ordering a logo design Gig


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I’m a buyer and I don’t draw, but here’s my brief take on the process.

I usually don’t get sketches of the work in progress. It doesn’t bother me personally though because I rely on revisions and my extensive initial instruction to carry the drawing from start to finish, accurately.

Wow, people know HEX color codes? I had to google shades of colors and get photos and get some opinions until I could pick out a color. One handy tool is a mobile app called Color Grab that can detect any color on any part of an image. It could also just be a matter of “I’ll know it when I see it”.

Yeah, personality and style are important. IMO, art, like anything else creative, is ultimately subjective and a form of expression. Knowing what emotion, personality or expression you want the drawing to convey is important. I actually think the expression is the biggest part. Art is simply visual expression, like how writing is verbal expression and music is…aural expression? It’s all expression, at the end of the day.

A brand book is a good idea. Or just having some template so that all drawings maintain consistency across each drawing. It also helps people recognize what they are looking at, probably.

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On 11/24/2020 at 5:50 AM, logosupreme said:

As a professional logo designer and owner of a branding studio, I’ve had quite interesting, fruitful and learning experience with buyers who hired me to design logo for their company/service. As we all know that creativity has no boundaries and one can always feel that a design can be better and better ! Hence, it’s very essential as a buyer who is looking to get a logo designed to understand this and make sure that he/she gets logo which matches with his/her vision.

So how as a buyer you can achieve it? Following 4 tips can help you to get the logo of your vision designed within the timeline and in a smooth manner.

  1. Sketch: Do you think that you can draw a rough sketch of the logo that you’ve in mind? You don’t need to be great at drawing for this. But if you think you can do a primary sketch with pencil and paper, it would take half of the hassle. As we know that a picture speaks a thousand words, so a sketch would help better than a 1000 words long brief! This would help seller to understand your vision with utmost clarity. This will help buyer to save time and energy and at the same time get what is needed. But this is optional as sometimes, as a buyer you don’t know what exactly you would like until you see the designs ! But if you think that even if you can do a very primary sketch to begin with, it can get things done quickly and as expected.

  2. Color preference: In my experience, I’ve received the exact hex code of colors from buyers which they want me to use for their logo. And it’s not so hard to get hex code or RGB code of the color that you like. And if you think that it’s too technical, you can simply share the image of the color that you like. This will make sure that you don’t go through logo concepts in colors that you don’t like. Of course, you can ask the logo designer to provide the same logo concept in different colors so that you can compare, but that’s a secondary matter. So if you have favorite colors you want used in the logo, simply share the same with designer.

  3. Characteristic preference: A logo is not just a word but an ocean of creativity ! It literary is. A logo can be minimal, simple, feminine, masculine, fun, sporty, serious, vintage, luxurious, colourful, conservative, extravagant and so on. So if you know how exactly you want it to be, you can also share the same with seller. I’ve personally listed such few characteristics to choose under requirement form itself, so it makes easy for a buyer to decide and choose the style that fits with the purpose and branding of their business.

  4. Brand Style Guide / Branding Booklet: Although, some buyers simply get the logo designed, now a days a brand style guide aka branding booklet is also very essential in terms of building your brand and making sure that your brand leaves the permanent effect in people’s mind. We can discuss at length about “What does a ‘brand’ mean?” but I’ll leave that for now ! But I can tell that what a branding booklet contains. It contains color palette(colors - color codes - used to create your logo), Typography (font names used to create your logo), Do’s and Dont’s(How to and how not to use logo), Usage Guidelines, Iconography etc. Now, how is this helpful? Well, it becomes quite handy when it comes to designing other graphic material (like brochure, pamphlet, ad etc.) and printing and web material. You can simply forward the branding booklet to designer so that he/she uses the same colors, typography etc. making sure that your branding value is not disturbed.

I hope that these 4 TIPS for Buyers are helpful if you’re looking to get your logo designed.

Thank you.

Yeah! Well said, it's a most for logo design to begin with a sketch. 

And to be precise a person doesn't have to be good in the sketching process to get it brand logo off ground.

It's all about bringing that idea into reality after the rough sketch.

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