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How I Ranked my Fiverr Gig


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Hi from Grafixmanners,
I am sharing my story about my gig rank in fiverr for the first time and I have a good experience due to this and got my first level in just 4 months.
Do you know about average selling price?
I heard about this 3 months before and worked a lot on this term.
I got an order from a buyer request and she was my first client I cared a lot of her order and I got that order for $15, when I see that this buyer should have more gaps to get sales on I told her about the thing which she doesn’t know, She was very much excited with my working and my knowledge and I told her many thing and teach her well about the things in fiverr as well as she was new on fiverr also.
I provide her my services and I got that $15 order to $120 by adding more services to that single order opening dispute with mutual understanding with buyer and provide her all the thing she loved to use for her marketing materials. I got almost 4 more orders from the same buyer as I love the repeating buyers and love to retain my buyers. I care them and work like their work is my own business. When I did my first order with high price my gig went on first page very fast and that is the magic of average selling price. Now thanks to Almighty, I am level one seller on fiverr.

Let’s rank together

Title of Gig
Use Fivlytics and choose a long tail keyword in title and make a unique title rather than copy and paste the title…(if need my help let me know I will teach you about fivlytics tool)

Title and Image
Title and image are the first thing which buyers see and they only click if your image is catchy so use your own samples with some information so buyer understand that and click to see what prices and description you offered.

Prices should be less for the basic package but there are 3 packages you can offer so for STD and PREMIUM you can put your desired amount. Low price is often buyer’s first priority to check the seller or if you have a good portfolio to show buyers then you can use that and put your desired price.

Increase Average Selling
When your gig is prepared well and would be in long tail keywords shown on any page on fiverr search then you need good orders from buyers 2 or 3 big orders…
Now you have to work a lot, suggest buyers new thing they should love for, guide them well to the services, offer extras and do your best to get nice reviews.

Need any help, contact me I will teach you all the phenomena what I did and how I got ranked on first page.

God bless us all! Aameen

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