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Help me out please asap!


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Buyer request “story” is irrelevant to your issue, you know that.

Deliver the order as soon as possible even though it may be late.

That’s all you can do at the moment.

You would need fix your Gig requirements so that the same situation would not repeat in future.

And maybe delivery time…

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A buyer posted buyer request and i send him offer and asked him to contact me if interested but he did not contact me and placed an order. And now having an issue with outfit, i asked him to extend the time but he don’t have the time to extend. what to do now!

i send him offer and asked him to contact me

One of the reasons I do not use BR is because you have no idea what he actually needs. Basically you are throwing darts blindfolded hoping to hit a target.

They do not have to contact you. That is the whole point of the offer.

If you plan on using BR always put double delivery time from normal so you have some room.

And for this one, like Blavaro said, put the extra hours in it, try to deliver on time. Or deliver late, and correct this with next order.

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