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Hi, I Am New Here, work data entry new level

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Here's some comments/suggestions for the gig. Changing some of these things might improve the chance of sales:

Gig: I will be your personal reliable administrative virtual assistant
In the gig description:
"just leave a massage" could be "just leave a message"
"I will try to Response ASAP." could be "I will try to respond ASAP."
It says "Linkedin data collection". I'm not sure that's allowed by LinkedIn's user agreement.

In the FAQ section:
"i will" could be "I will" in answer 1.
Maybe change "Are you hasitation can i do your porject?" in question 1.
"I will successfully done your job;" could be "I will do your job successfully;" in answer 1.

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1 hour ago, shamimrahman740 said:

I will got 1 job over 2 years later. which job rating is 5 stat, how can I will got more jobs in here? any one can suggest me?

You are free to create your own thread about your situation instead of piggybacking on another, unrelated thread.

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