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Is this image eye-catching or not!


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You could include more useful information like pricing also you have put a full stop on one when the rest haven’t got any full stops. Personally I think the human is a waste of space and I’m not a fan of how the corner of the title is white . However some of this is my personal opinion .

it’s not about i put full stop or not, it’s totally about is this image attract people or not, all about i want to know from fiverr active seller, Thank you.

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Hey @expertibrahim!

This is just an opinion, so if you like it you can apply on your post-image. 🙂

  • First of all, Yellow background looks GOOD but not looking better/best, so change yellow background to some decent colours.

  • Don’t make that box transparent which has all points (Use white colour)

Now, sort your points properly like how the flow goes

  • 1st should be Professional Logo & Cover Photo
  • 2nd Business Page setup & CTA Button setup
  • 3rd Setting up of a business-related template
  • 4th Content Creation.

So, you just have to change background colour and setup hierarchy of your points properly.
and you are done!


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