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Do you have suddenly drop in impressions and clicks in this month


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It is disheartening to read description after description filled with hideous misuse of the language and very weak writing, with orders in queue. AHAHAHAHAHA Surreal. And then, those who blatantly violate TOS by advertising and doing academic writing and claiming it is “100% plagiarism free” … ahaha. Some of those even have Fiverr Choice stickers. Oh well… I was booted off the board for having stars on my gig image. So many images do…and for including excerpts from client reviews. Huh? But asses in thongs and promises to write smut kink is ok. Cool. 'Please do not use fiverr badges or logos." AHAHA So many gigs use fiver logos…why are they not booted off the boards? It is Twilight Zone level confusing at times.

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