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Not Making Money Online? - How to Get Traffic to your Site and Increase Sales – Part 5/16


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Why is Real Social Proof so Important?


Most of my clients come and say: You know what, I have the traffic, but for some reason I don’t make sales. Can you check my site and tell my why my conversion rate is so low?


In less than 5 minutes I can determine if you have traffic or if you have targeted traffic. Especially when you are new to the online world, you hear about all this buzz about traffic and you get convinced that this is all you need. You say: If I get the traffic my business will prosper and I’ll succeed!!! LOL, I’m actually laughing right now because that is what I used to say, but let me ask you something: Do you think it worked like that? – Not a chance!


As I already described on my last post, I really struggled before making sales online, the whole online thing was so confusing and so annoying to me that actually I quit for a complete year. It is very interesting how things happen, because it was the way that I took in order to avoid the online world the one that got me back online.


Today’s post will be dedicated to Social Proof again, and the reason why I want to talk about it over and over again, is because Google lives and dies for finding this on the pages they crawl, and it will be your ability to show them that you are a good business, what will determine if you rank or not, if you have targeted traffic, and if you’ll make sales or you’ll stay in the broke zone forever.


Google lives and dies for Real Social Proof

One of the wonders of Google is that it is so big thanks to all of us who create and publish content. Notice that the only thing that Google does is to add democracy to the WWW. It is also amazing how perfect is their design, I mean, it is the best search engine we have right now, and it is all based on quality, whereas some of the other search engines still base their rankings on keyword stuffing.


But the truth is that Google wouldn’t be Google without all that quality content online. The would have very little information to display and therefore people would lose interest right away, but this is not the case, because just as I’m writing this, I’m increasing Google’s power, we all are.


Yet, the task of The Google is not easy, because they are committed to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Can you imagine how to organize billions and billions of pages online? And that is not the biggest task, but, how to do it, I mean, according to what?


This is the reason why Google’s system changed the world forever when it appeared back in 1998. They strive to find the best written, most useful, more popular, relevant, easy to apply, up to date, and affordable information with the only purpose of you having access to it easily.


They analyze over 200 factors of every single page in order to determine this, but in reality, it all comes down to basically 2 things: Real Social Proof and Visitor Oriented Content. These go hand on hand, and it all starts with visitor oriented content, which will trigger lots of real social proof, this will catch other people’s attention, more real social proof, more people’s attention, more real social proof, until Google’s attention is also there and they promote your content.


Pretty Simple, ah? ;)


Think about it this way. Why is Fiverr so popular? Well because a lot of people talk about them well. But why a lot of people talk about them well? Because they have lots of visitor oriented content, and at very good prices!!!


Fake Social Proof will have counter consequences

If you decide to purchase backlinks (A backlink for Google is considered like a vote, and it is only counted when it seems like that), Likes on your Facebook page, comments, testimonials, reviews, and all types of things in order to show people and Google that you are popular, both people and Google will get attracted to you. Then, they will test you, and when they see that you are not what you said, people will go away and Google will list you very low in the rankings.


And I say this over and over again because I want you to stop thinking about those methods and start asking yourself better questions to really help people with their problems.


A quick example of how Google analyzes your Social Signals

I’ve had clients that come to me and say: I have over 12k Likes on my Facebook page, I don’t understand why my rankings are that bad (Today, a Like on Facebook could be equivalent in relevancy to a backlink, FB Likes are very important to rank high in the SERPS).


So next thing I do is to go to their FB page and see that yes, they have over 12k Likes there, but when I see their posts, only 1 or 2 people like those, nobody is commenting and nobody is sharing anything.


That is all I have to see, because now I see that you have an audience but it is not engaged, and it is very hard to have a non-engaged audience, unless you paid those people to be there.


Think about your favorite band or artist. If you go to one of his or her concerts would you be engaged or not? Would you be clapping and singing or would you be standing there, very quiet and doing nothing? It is obvious, right? You’ll be enjoying and having a good time. Well, that is because this is the human nature, and that is precisely what Google is looking for.


So now you know. Real Social Proof is you best friend if you want to be friends with Google. You trigger this with visitor oriented content, and I’ll speak to you more about this type of content in the future, for now, we have a long way to go with social proof yet.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I’ll be more than happy to assist you.


Blessings :D



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Reply to @coskel22: Awesome comment!

Let me tell you this: Yes, you can’t force them to participate, but you can be very inviting.

One of my mentors has a saying that goes like this: It’s not the money is the deal. If you show a good deal to people they’ll find the money.

I think we can apply it here as well. Show them a darn good reason for them to participate on social media and the will. Guaranteed!

Thanks for bringing that up 😃 :))))



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Reply to @joselozano: Let me go even further.

Think: Giveaways, raffles, freebies.

Hey Like my page and participate to win a ticket, a free meal, a this and this and that.

There is always a way. You just have to invite them. Not all of them will want, but they will be aware that they have the chance to win or to get something fantastic for free for a single Like.

😉 :)))))


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You said: “Think: Giveaways,…” Yes, I couldn’t agree more. But even giveaways won’t work unless this tactic is part of an integrated strategy. By that I mean something that covers the whole client experience from being attracted to your site to becoming a promoter of your business. More at: http://www.FRAGGLESROCK.com/FRAGGLESROCK/

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.

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