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GIG Ranking issue answer finally provided by the CS


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I am like WOW for the entire questions, responses & thread. Which explains me joining 5ER** 2012 more a buyer over 300 gigs now…and in that time as a ‘seller’ on and off, could never really get past a few clicks even as a SEO specialist.

I think with my 10 years online its NOT just a 5ER*** issue [its NOT deliberate] its a LOW-ENGAGEMENT issue which affects also low-engagement on Linkedin, Twitter etc. For instance how many followers ORGANICALLY have followed you or your Twitter timeline in the last 2, 5 or 10 years? Not much right… 😀

How many have ORGANICALLY followed you on Linkedin without you requesting a follow? So think about this, most americans work TWO jobs right? In most countries people have to go to some form of employment or work to get or raise money to pay bills, rent and mortgage right?

So how would most people have TIME to browse or spend time on all these social media or freelance websites and maintain or support say 165,000 gigs just in ‘vector graphics’ ? What do most teens or kids do worldwide? They either go school, college or university right? And if they are not at school they are out and about or doing household chores etc…

This is why most freelance & social media platforms use BOTS/FAKE PROFILES. This is the huge global secret which took Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to Wall St, IPO with multi-millions of fake followers to get the cash…or funding and to this day Wall St like Bernie Maddof has not realized they have been fooled or conned.

5ER*** is trying to tell us all use social media and promote your gig and its probably the only FREE online strategy unless you buy PPC or advertise with FB etc. And really most people or those platforms would frown at FIVERR ads being promoted…longterm. Its just NOT ‘‘social’’ to promote a sale or gig daily to your followers for 1 or 5 years. So we need a better solution…worldwide.

The online world needs traffic…to be OPEN and not ruled by the few. Its coming.

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Just to give everyone an update, my impressions went back up around mid-March and lasted for a few months but since the end of May the impressions have dropped back to practically 0 so I’m guessing I’ve been rotated again.



Google Drive file.

Not much you can do it seems, when I get removed from the search results like now I just concentrate on building up my other incomes sources. I suggest everyone else diversify as much as possible.

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I have attached a 6 month impression screenshot below, you can clearly see when I am rotated in and out of the search results. June, July and most of Aug I received only a few sales (from previous clients). Things seem to improve now and funnily enough as soon as I started using promoted gigs feature my impressions improved a great deal. Not all impressions are from promoted gigs, in fact most are organic. 

2021-09-01 15_47_02-Gigs.png

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