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Heyo! New Artist/Animator here!


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Heyo! I’m Shadowhawkart, as I’m known on several various sites. I’m an artist and animator currently getting my Bachelors in Animation with a studio art drawing minor. I can do a variety of artwork and animations good for a wide variety of projects, with my style leaning more towards cartoony or what you might see from Disney. Although I’m most skilled in animals, humans, and anthro characters I can draw other things as well! Here’s an example of a recent digital artwork:

image894×894 116 KB

I’m also relatively proficient in charcoal, watercolor, india ink, and graphite when it comes to traditional drawing mediums.

Right now I got three open Gigs, such as creating a cartoon icon of you or any character, fullbody fully-rendered artwork, and even custom characters that you can use however you wish. I also plan to open up gigs for things such as Storyboards, custom discord emotes/artwork, talk sprites (halfbody artwork of you or your character for streaming or Youtube), short animations and more. I’m also open to custom gigs as well, so if you’ve got an idea feel free to pitch it to me and I can give you a quote!

Thank you for stopping by, and lemme know if you’ve got any questions! <3

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Thank you all! ❤️ Still trying to get the hang of things on here and on fiverr, (is there a way to look up potential buyers / people that are looking for a particular type of freelance work? So far I haven’t been able to find anything), but for the most part just gonna tweak some of my current gigs a bit, add some more and hope for the best basically. 😆

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