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Ive been trying to buy a gig twice in the past two days, each time seller cancelled but the second time they at least told me why: "Your link is not public. If you run this order, then make it public" , they scolded me.<br /> I never heard that before, I dont even know what that means. My Facebook business page not public ? I get shares and likes and messages, page is clearly public !

However I tried the link to my Facebook page from two different other computers and instead of the page showing up you are asked to connect with Facebook (log in or create account).

So once youre in you can find my page, Like it, share stuff and so on. But not from the outside, not if you arent logged in.

I dont understand what is wrong and where in order to fix it.<br /> All I find on the internet is about page not being public, but PAGE IS PUBLIC, or nobody would see it but I. Settings in Facebook clearly show Public.<br /> I have put link on every listing in my Ebay store and was always surprised there are no visits to facebook from there to just find out this is why. The link is useless. All it does it takes you Facebook login page, so practicly advertisses Facebokk, not my page.<br /> I have been reading around since yeasterday and cant find real help.

Anyone geek out there care to help ? Pleeeaaaseee…

Thank you so very much !!!

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