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Why people join Fiverr as sellers?


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In short, I have many friends with expertise in graphic design and writing, but they feel very reluctant about joining Fiverr. Apparently it has something to do with ‘I don’t feel this Fiverr thing you’re talking about is the right for me’.

Can you suggest maybe an argument or two that would prove very persuasive for people in doubt?

I would appreciate it very much. I hope the answers will prove useful for other Fiverr enthusiasts as well.

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It actually comes down to numbers. Fiverr has over 561,600,000 visitors per month at last check.

That’s MASSIVE. Try to find another website, for sellers that offer that kind of traffic? You can’t. Not even close.

That kind of traffic alone puts Fiverr in the top.

Competition? Of course. Lots. But the sellers that provide what they say they provide will always rise to the top. People that make a living off of Fiverr are not uncommon.

The trick is to group your work together if possible to save time. And of course, you need to find that happy balance of amount of work delivered vs time.

At first that’s hard. But as you get better, faster and start getting gig extras it becomes totally worth it.

Ya. Sure. Making 4 bucks per gig sounds like nothing at all. But when you start doing 10-20 gigs per day, 7 days a week it begins to add up. Especially factoring the gig extras. Id 1/8 people order a gig extra, doing say… 15 gigs a day. That’s around $450 a week take home for the seller. Free and clear. Not 100 000 status, but hardly not worth it. And after you get the ball rolling, you do a good job, get regular clients and just kill it… that’s a really low weekly estimate.

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I have been a Fiverr Seller for just over 2 months now and I am earning around $1,000 per month, which isn’t a life-changing amount, but you’ve got to remember that I’ve just started my business. I’ve also just become a Level 2 Seller and I believe I am on my way to becoming a Top Rated Seller.

I’m a professional copy writer and marketer (brand DNA, advertising, online marketer) by trade and I’ve decided to start off on Fiverr by simply offering professionally written press releases.

I launched my brand new gig yesterday, which sees me writing awesome content for email campaigns. I deliver around 5-6 gigs (averaging $10 per gig) a day at the moment, but have a long-term strategy in place, which will see me delivering 10-14 gigs per day within the next 12 months.

Here’s the boring maths bit:

Low-end: 10 gigs (at $10 per gig) x 7 days = $560 - in my pocket each week

High-end: 14 gigs (at $10 per gig) x 7 days = $980 - in my pocket each week

Therefore, if you ask me if Fiverr works, I can definitely tell you it does. In fact, Fiverr is awesome! Put that in your friends pipe and smoke it 😃

Warm regards,


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Reply to @bigbadbilly:

Thanks for the input, I really like the argument. Many of my friends are doing their own websites for promotion, but they usually don’t get new customers with that because there is little to no organic traffic. And this is exactly what Fiverr offers, thanks for pointing it out.

Reply to @smartwebcontent:

Thanks for the story and numbers - mine’s very similar, been on Fiverr 2 months, just hit Level 2 and written more than 200 articles with 99% satisfaction rate. I don’t have problems seeing the benefits of the platform 🙂

Do you mind me asking what does your long-term strategy consist of? I think this would also be interesting to lots of people reading the forum.



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