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Glitches in fiverr payments (wrong amounts displayed and money missing)


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So first of all, I already opened tickets with support and waiting for it to be resolved.

However I think others also should be aware that there are bugs happening and to keep an eye on your earnings.

Just in one month I already have 2 bugs with payments displayed:

  1. 19$ are missing from available from withdrawal. I can’t find which order is that because it’s too many orders to go through and I don’t even know when did that money really went missing. I have them reflected in “net income” but everything else is not matching.
    I opened a ticket almost a month ago, answered a couple of questions and agent passed my ticket to technical team to look into that. I’ll update this if or when I’ll receive a reply from them which still might take quite some time I suspect.

  2. My “earned in November” dashboard is also showing incorrect earnings. it seems to. be everything correctly reflected in “pending clearance” so no real money missing. However this display glitch is also quite annoying and concerning as it’s already second problem around payments on fiverr and I just simply can’t keep track of all orders and if money were accredited to my account., if it’s the right amount, if they are reflected in pending clearance , and if they were really added to my available for withdrawal balance. I have 100+ order per months and just can’t keep track of all of them.

So this is probably just a small rant from my side and a warning for others to keep an eye on their earnings.

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I’ve been experiencing this for a few weeks as well. I was going to send in a ticket because it’s getting really confusing now. I look at my analytics to find the accurate amount for the month. It’s too much to keep track of with the orders I get too so I hope, money isn’t actually missing at any point. I do my best to keep track of the idea of what I should have but hope that Fiverr can fix it soon.

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