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A new experience, and first gig


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Well hello fiverr people of the world.

Although I have been a member since September this year 2020, It’s only been the last week I have been fully engaged and active.

So I actually got my first gig week! (well done me ☘️ and approved. Many thanks to the buyer!

I was also awarded Rising Talent badge
Fiverr’s Editorial Team manually reviews new Gigs and handpicks them based on quality and potential. We have certain criteria according to which we decide the Gigs that will be handpicked.

So that was nice and a super surprise, Thank you 🙏 Fiverr brw.

So as a result I would like to share some tips with anyone having fun trying to find or waiting for gigs, and how to get the beat from your client and working relationship.

Well the key 🔑 I found so far, and is true in life itself. Its like going fishing…

Your here to find projects and work,
“The nice Fishes”

You got your rod and all your gear in place,
“Thats your skills and services”

And the key is to make sure you put the bait on the hock, and cast your line.
So ralk to perspective clients, look and responded to buyers requests”

We wouldn’t sit there by the water, rod by our sides, and hope the fish will jump out the water and put themselves in our baskets.

See, its out a simple theme and I can testify to it working.

Thats how I got my fisrt gig, I went to the pond and cast my baited line.

A fun way to put it, however was very effective,
I actually got more than a simple fish, but a big job, and a nice tip to boot! A wonderful review and 5 stars

So I can see the client was more than happy.

The key was good and regular concise communication, regular updates on the project with examples for feed back. And a good gig with questions and advice before hand.

So hope this encourages everyone who is finding it challenging to find gig’s

Dont wait to be searched out by buyers, got to them.
The fish don’t walk on land for us to eat.

Best of luck to everyone and stay safe and healthy!

Cheers dopeNL (Nico

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