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Not getting message but Impression and click is ok


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Hi. I am Mohammed Sakil. Having several experience from forum community. I am facing an issue that one of my gig collects lots of impression and click as well but not getting any message from buyer. In my opinion, the price, thumbnails, description everything is perfect.
I don’t know what is the actual problem is.
Can anyone help me in this purpose.
here is my gig link

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Guest bencampbell

I took the Fiverr beginner course and it seemed to have some good tips regarding the description however I took a quick look at the gig page and it seems to have an option for 0 day delivery – not sure what that is referring to and it also costs nothing (personally I find that confusing) // the main thing I found was that the grammar and capitalisation needs s quick look over however I don’t really see any major issues. Maybe one recommendation I would have is to create a video of you introducing your service or showcasing your portfolio as I’ve heard that gets really good results 🙂 Hope this helps!

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