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I have many 5-star ratings. Why can't I get a job?


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Hi I am glad that you’ve asked the most wanted question the other new sellers might be asking at the same time.

Fiverr works in numerious ways with your gig but still they would keep their algorythm announymously.

Being a new seller you must consider few things in mind that growing on any platform isn’t as easy as a piece of cake.

You must have to put your all struggle to reach that high.
But here is what i would suggest to all of the new & old fiverr sellers as well.

Whenever you’re creating your gig or service, do not just write down anything whatever pleases you.

1: Do some keyword research before writing down you gig titles.
2: Check out what your competiters are writing down & how well they are growing.
3: Do not copy or paste bulk text from someone else’s gigs just because you do not wanna write which means you are not eligible to work as well.
4: Write down a title which stays unique, standouts & compelling your users to grant you the job.
5: Try to be precise in your title, do not make it vague around many things at the same time.
6: Write down your gig desciption which is clearly around your gig title & offer as much services as possible in your sub category in desc.
7: Choose your gig tags wisely because these are the ones which will be helping your gig to reserve a slot for you at top.
8: Try to keep your gig tags relavant & related to your keyword research the one you’re using in your title.
9: Your gig previews must be standing out & do not use dull images or rush out many previews by adding too many textures or writing.
10: Use buyer request section daily, NEVER MISS IT.

Moreover, you could try playing with your gig titles, description & tags as well but after checking out your gig analytics that how well it is performing.

LMK, if i can be any further help.
Thank you.

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