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How can rank my gig and increase click view?


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Think about what buyer search on fiverr eg : Logo design , professional logo designer, minimalist logo design etc
Find out keywords like that appropriate your service and apply that keywords properly on gig title, discription,tags.this will help to increase ranking and impression .

Attractive and functional gig image and discription give clicks that convert sales.


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Hi and Welcome to the Fiverr community!

My advice, and others may agree or disagree with this, is to just be patient. When I first joined Fiverr, it took nearly four weeks for me to get my first orders. I got discouraged, but I realized that sometimes this is apart of the process. You seem like you’ve already done all the right things by promoting your gig on social media channels.

I’m no expert in social media at all, but as a buyer just taking a quick peek at your gig, I would suggest adding a couple of photos that demonstrate the type of ads that you’ve created. If you are new to this venture, then mock up a sample ad or two to use for your gig. This will give the buyer some confidence as they can see some examples of your work.

Beyond that, do research. Look at others in your gig category are doing and use it as a guide to help refine your own portfolio structure. Look at the top social media marketing companies and observe what got them to where they are. What is it about their brand representation brings customers to their fold?

Side Note: Do NOT copy others. That’s just lazy and poor salesmanship. Use their gigs as a guideline so that you can develop your own unique way of marketing yourself. Besides, buyers typically choose sellers for what makes them stand apart from others. Find what it is about you that’s unique about your gig and use that to your advantage.

Good luck in your Fiverr journey.

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