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New to fiverr, want to be a translator, any tips?


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I just setup my account for fiverr because I want to be a translator, I think this is a good way to get some practice in along with a little extra money. I’m mainly trying this to improve my translation skills, anyways I’m not sure if i setup everything in a good way or not, if anyone has any suggestion let me know, also if anyone can tell me how to promote my gig let me know. The link to my fiverr is right below.

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Well, the first suggestion would be to change the image on your gig, as it currently has watermark all over it.
You can even go to dreamstime and purchase this exact image, if you like it. It would cost just a few $ or might even be free, since most major stocks often have something like “10 free images for new users”.

Then there’s this issue:

I will translate shorter pieces of text for you from any language into any language

That would be rather impressive. And pretty affordable too. But I have a slight suspicion that google translate will be used.
If you do indeed know several languages, you should mention which and how good you know them. If you don’t, you should make it crystal clear that you’re going to use automated translation and your service is rather editing machine text rather than actually translating anything. But I wouldn’t be expecting too many orders in that case. If you can do editing, I would focus on that instead.

Your premium package also includes proofreading, but your introduction has several minor mistakes. Buyers will notice.

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