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Got Huge TIP from the Buyer


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Hi everyone,

I am a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I get tips on orders most of the time but today something new happened. A buyer from US tipped me $40 on a $20 order. Yeah you heard right, I have been tipped twice the price of the order.
But the sad part is that Fiverr even deducted 20% from the tip as well. They shouldn’t charge us from tips, what’s your thought??

Keep doing your best to get such free $$TIPS$$ on your order.

Thanks and Regards

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A few threads for your consideration:

Hello there… It’s been a rough year with Covid-19 out there, and we who work with fiverr always try to do a great work to get a great ratings on fiverr right? Because a great rating is a great way to boost our sales and get more money. But when it comes to that exeptional work you did for someone and the client want to give you a extra tip, Fiverr cuts 20% of the tip too! This behavior makes me want to quit fiverr, even if this is the best and easier freelance platform I’ve found to work onlin…
Hi to this beautiful community, since it is my first post on these forums! I would like to contribute with a topic as title describes. I’d like to add that I’m into content writing. Getting tips as as a seller, when you deliver your orders is something I really love. It showers me with positive energy, it is a sign of recognition of my hard quality work. It is a pleasant surprise that boosts my efforts and strengthens the bond between the seller and the buyer. Since 80% of my buyers are return…
I have been using Fiverr for a few years off and on. I appreciate the creators and hard worker here. I understand Fiverr taking a % off the initial project, but taking a cut of their tip seems a bit much. If the processing fee is almost the same amount as the tip. It’s going to turn off a lot of employers to share even a fee bucks in the first place or other might commission out of Fiverr when every feature starts to be nickel and dimed excessively.
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That’s great news for you, so well done. I can see from your profile that you’re a very good and trusted seller.

While percentage wise the tip is amazing, you’ve got to remember that for most Western buyers spending a total of $60 on a decent professional custom design is actually really cheap. Had they commissioned someone outside of Fiverr they would easily be looking at $200 / $300 dollars.

I’m not writing that to make you feel bad, but it does annoy me when I see $5 sellers talk about receiving a tip of $5 or $10 for work that has taken them all day or three days in total to complete for example. I call it the ‘guilt tip’. Sometimes buyers just know that they were wrong to hire someone for so little money that they then feel bad about it.

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