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Suggession to add Fiver Video Thumbnail selecting feature


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Hello folks,

As you can see my current gig video thumbnail make no sense buyers first impression comes from gig thumbnail so if it shows something different I don’t think we will get 220% more sales as you mentioned in the gig

EX: My Gig http://www.fiverr.com/mclabz/make-your-web-bannersblog-banners

There I suggest Fiverr to add a feature to select a thumbnail for gig video because that is really important to sellers

below is image shows the FACEBOOK thumbnail feature I don’t think you cannot integrate such a thing on fiverr because we all know fiverr developers are pretty genius 😃

Hope to see a solution for the big problem soon I think everyone will agree with my suggestion… 🙂

Malshan Fonseka


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