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Inrease average response time


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I wouldn’t suggest deleting your account;

  1. Your response time is how much time it takes for you to send the first message to a potential client. What I would suggest is downloading the fiverr app on your phone (if you haven’t), and replying to anyone that messages you (clients, even spam) within the first 1/2 hour. For me, I need to be by my laptop, so even if I’m out, I’ll reply and simply acknowledge their message and inform them that I’ll fully respond in approx. X hours, when I’m by my laptop.

  2. Your response rate is how many clients you reply to who actually messaged you. Reply to everyone… even spam. If it’s spam I reply with a generic message, or simply say that my client list is currently full.

The good thing is that these statistics are calculated for 60 days, so if from now, you start fixing this, in 60 days, you’ll be back at 100% and 1hr. I’m not sure if deleting and recreating a new account just to have better stats will be considered statistical manipulation by CS; someone else may have to answer this. But I wouldn’t risk it.

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