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Delivered on time Keeps dropping


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This is really frustrating. I deliver my jobs on time and in situations when I didn’t even deliver a job, the Delivered on Time stat still reduce. As a result of this, I lost my level 2 status and I am about to lose the level 1 status.

I have written to Fiverr, but still no response amd it’s been more than two weeks!

Is there anyway I can reach Fiverr, so they can resolve this on time before 15th.

This isn’t fair and I am pretty much fustrated. I do my best to deliver jobs ans make clients happy. I really don’t know why this is happening.

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I haven’t. In the last few weeks, I have delivered over 20 jobs, and getting to the 90 has been a struggle. How can it even get to 90 when it keeps decreasing?.

Few days ago, it was 87, today it is 86. I was about to deliver a job and I realized that it has dropped again.

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