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Avoiding Sellers From A Particular Country? That's WRONG


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Hi everyone, am Daniel…am from Africa, Nigeria to be precise and have read so many forums ( Nigerian forums and others ) always saying Sellers from US or UK are always considered more trustworthy, reliable or capable over others, so most forums and blogs always conclude that being a Nigerian or someone from any other developing country with the aim of wanting to prosper or let’s “make sales” on fiverr, you must change your ip and use a US or UK Ip when Registering so you can get sales disguising to be an American!

According to one Nigerian blog, I read and I quote " WE HAVE NEVER SEEN A TOP-RATED NIGERIAN SELLER ON FIVERR" …,

Am planning to prove them wrong and hopefully be the first TOP RATED NIGERIAN SELLER just to show them dreams come true…lol!

As a person, I don’t buy the idea of hiding your identity or denying your race just to make ends, am proud to be Nigerian and am proud to be African, so I registered my account one month ago , set up great gigs and I must say am really really impressed with the amount of orders am getting, and am doing quite well! My buyers are amazing and my services are top-notch! My highest sales is even in America… Imagine!

Under that one month have completed over 98 gigs, all my clients are always satisfied with their jobs and always amazed, although on my dashboard I see that 27 orders hasn’t been reviewed yet ( still trying to understand why buyers don’t like or feel lazy leaving feedbacks, they just download the delivery and shut down their PC, not knowing sellers income relies on just one sentence from them…lol )

Well,I got raised to level one a week ago and trust me, have added extras to my gigs and the extras are doing great!!!

Am sorry for talking about me for too long, the main reason I created this discussion is to let other people from under developed or developing countries believe in themselves and also BE PROUD OF THEIR RACE!!!

Also, I want buyers to reduce or stop the act of judging a seller by his or her flag, we are in the 21st Century and All those acts of racism or preferential treatment attitude should be BEHIND US!!!

One love my fellow Fiverrians!!!

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I’ve been working with a buyer from Nigeria on several projects. He’s a very nice, professional person and what I consider to be a dream buyer.

I rarely buy, but when I do nationality is not a determining factor in who I choose. I buy based on past work, reviews and a reasonable ability to read and write in English to avoid any miscommunication.

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Guest mcromano

I think the issue people take with somee non-native english speakers is their poor language skills, hence the avoidance, for obvious reasons.

However, you won’t have any issues, since your English is very good 🙂

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I’m not a huge buyer, however, I would never judge a seller based on their location/race. The whole idea of judging someone based on their race is unbelievably archaic, outdated, and doesn’t belong in the 21st century.

I buy all of my orders based on what the seller can offer to me, which is explained in their gig description. If they don’t deliver, a simple message to customer support fixes the problem, but bad work would never ‘put me off’ a particular country.

Good luck Daniel!


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